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Krieger Mechsuit for "Is This Heaven" episodic

One of the most complex Sub-D models I've ever done :X
"Is This Heaven" will be an episodic proof-of-concept directed by former LucasFilm artist, writer/director Bastiaan Koch.
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Instagram: @isthisheavenmovie @emperorkoch
I received a rough sketch drawn by the great Carlo Arellano and a lot of creative freedom to create the mech suit in 3D. I did a ZBrush concept model first which made it into Nothin' But Mech 3 and then manually remodeled it. The challenge was definitely the functionality that it needs as it was going to move a lot in the movie.
We also needed the inside of the cockpit for a couple of shots.
Materials, Rigging, Animation, Rendering, Compositing was done by the incredible team at Marauder Film.

Big thanks to my colleagues and friends Alex Zapata who modeled the upper inside of the cockpit and the rocket launcher, and to Perry Leijten and his insane rigging skills to make him moveable! :)

Ben erdt comp 2
Ben erdt comp 1
Ben erdt comp 3
Ben erdt comp 4
Ben erdt comp 5

Ready to suit up :)

Ben erdt ithsh1

Movie screenshot

Ben erdt vcomp 1
Ben erdt vcomp 11
Ben erdt vcomp 2
Ben erdt vcomp 3
Ben erdt vcomp 9
Ben erdt vcomp 5
Ben erdt vcomp 4
Ben erdt vcomp 10