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Skaarj - Unreal Fanart

Trapped in a corridor, lights go out and he attacks you out of the dark. Memories of the first encounter with a Skaarj in Unreal on a Celeron 300A @ 450 and a 3dfx Voodoo 3 way back the day ;) Simply loved that game. Now that Epic brought them back in UT 4 I wanted to give it a shot and make a fanart.
Body sculpted in ZBrush, cloth parts done in Marvelous Designer, armor and game mesh modeled in Modo.
Naked body was textured in Mari and the armor in Photoshop. Final render inside Modo.
The video shows a bit of the model variations.
Big thanks to Perry Leijten ( and his crazy rigging skills as well as to Karim Baz ( for bringing him to live with animations! Perry and I were honored to put together a multi-step tutorial for 3D World issue 206.

Unreal Skaarj Fanart (model variations)