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Leviathan - Creature Design and Model

Always wanted to do my own design of one of these legendary sea beasts. Inspired by Alestorm - "Leviathan" one of my favorite pirate metal bands. Also based on a pencil drawing I did way back the day as well as these cool deep sea creatures ;)
The final render was featured on the cover and as a tutorial in 3DArtist 66. With ZBrush 4R7 64bit and more PC power I was able to do some new highpoly renders. The mesh was modeled manually in Maya, then sculpted in ZBrush, textured in Mari and rendered in Modo along with some Photoshop touch ups at the end.

Thanks for popping by!

Ben erdt leviathan mrender 2

Final rendered image

Ben erdt leviathan mrender 2 cr

Original res

Ben erdt leviclayfinal

Final Sculpt

Ben erdt lv2
Ben erdt zb5

Final Sculpt III

Ben erdt zb2

Final Sculpt IV

Ben erdt zb1

Final Sculpt V

Ben erdt basemodel

Model before sculpting. Manually modeled for Sub-D