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Netflix Series - Love Death and Robots - Turboraptor

Together with the Blur team I was fortunate to also work on the big Turboraptor.
Thanks to you guys at Blur, this was a dream to work on! You guys rock!!
Based on given key elements I was asked to put together the final monster design, doing 3D concepts, building the model and sculpting the surface details.
Damien Canderle did an incredible job with texturing / shading. Check out his Artstation!
The final cool looking outcome (rigging, animation, scene assembly, rendering, comp ...) as seen on the images was put together by Blur. Big thanks to supervisor Oded Raz and all the others of the team for their great input and feedback!
Can't say enough what a great experience that was and what an amazing job they did!
Great team work and definitely worth watching! Monster fights are the best fights :)

Ben erdt trbrptr1
Ben erdt trbrptr3
Ben erdt trbrptr2
Ben erdt trbrptr4
Ben erdt credits

Thank you guys!