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Love Death & Robots - Sonnie's Edge - Beasties

I'm happy to share a few clay renders of the Love Death & Robots beasties created for the Sonnie's Edge episode.
For Khanivore, I received a beautifully modeled production mesh from Adel Benabdallah to sculpt her surface detail.
The final was then handed back to him for texturing.
Adel's Artstation:

On Turboraptor I helped out with the design doing 3D concepts, did the modeling, UVs and sculpting.
Damien Canderle was then given the final for texturing and working on the damaged states as well as the "imposter arm".
Damien's Artstation:

This was a huge team effort so make sure to check out the work done for the show by the other amazing artists.
Big thanks to Asset Supervisor Oded Raz and the talented team at Blur for their great input and feedback!
Thanks guys, was a blast to help on this!