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Smuggler / Bounty Hunter

Hey all!
Need to get your hands on particle weapons? He's your man. If you have recommendations by his associates, he'll be delighted to do business with you. As a high level member of a sofisticated "network" he can even show you the specialty items .
Just one thing to keep in mind: don't cross him. Don't ... ever ... cross him ;)

Wanted to go a bit more oldschool and 1980's influenced with some elements.

Big thanks to Perry Leijten for rigging this guy. So much fun to play with than a static model.
Like a digital action figure toy :D Shoutout to Luc de Haan Thanks for the shark!
Guerrilla colleague Richard Oud is currently animating him.
So I'm planning to render a little animation sequence. Bear with me ...
Thanks for dropping by! :)

Ben erdt smuggler 1fhd
Ben erdt smuggler 3fhd
Ben erdt smuggler 2fhd
Ben erdt smuggler 4fhd
Ben erdt threeposer