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"Grenadier" - Creature Character Tutorial

Hey guys!
Had the honor to collaborate with my friends Perry Leijten (rigging tutorial) and Karim Baz (idle animation) to create a tutorial for Gnomon. Link to the product page is right here .
This creature buddy could be some kind of special trained grenadier using jump stilts and auxiliary thrusters to reach the top of enemy battle mechs to place his sticky bombs. The model is not textured yet. I'm only using displacement maps for the skin parts and simple normal maps for the fabrics. There are quite a few images this time so keep scrolling down, if interested ;)

Thanks for dropping by and hope the tutorial is helpful ;)

Ben erdt gren rnd l

Final Render 1

Gnomon Tutorial Trailer

Ben erdt gren rnd hd

Final Render 1b

Ben erdt gren rnd2

Final Render 2

Ben erdt ren bothhp

Final Model Render

Ben erdt gren history


Ben erdt gren subd2

Final Model

Ben erdt gren zb1

Concept Sculpt 1

Ben erdt gren zb2

Concept Sculpt 2